Robert M. Goldstein

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20 Park Plaza #1000
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

Picture of Robert M. Goldstein Based in Boston, Mr. Goldstein represents clients in federal and state courts across the country. Repeatedly selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America and Super Lawyers, and asked by colleagues to serve on expert panels, Mr. Goldstein is routinely asked to join defense teams by some of the most renowned attorneys in the country. Why? Because they all know first-hand the skill set and dedication Mr. Goldstein brings to the defense of criminal investigations and prosecutions. Below are a few of the success stories from Mr. Goldstein’s practice:

  • Acquittal on all counts for high-ranking law enforcement officer after jury trial in Federal Court.
  • Dismissal of federal charges against foreign national accused of improperly accessing a company’s computer network.
  • A mistrial and dismissal of charges for an executive charged with federal wire fraud and securities fraud.
  • The acquittal of a prominent businesswoman charged with federal fraud and conspiracy offenses.
  • Suppression of evidence seized pursuant to federal search warrant and dismissal of charges for multi-national executive charged in sweeping federal RICO prosecution.
  • Probation sentence for second executive charged in sweeping federal RICO prosecution after multi-week federal trial.
  • Acquittal of prominent business owner charged in a complex federal tax prosecution.
  • Acquittal of real estate professional charged in federal RICO and wire fraud prosecution involving more than 100 counts.
  • New trial granted after 12 day trial for executive charged in complex federal mail and wire fraud prosecution involving investment of §1031 (deferred property exchange) funds in the options market.
  • After lengthy bench trial, demonstrated client’s actual innocence of a 1970's state court offense that served as a sentencing predicate in subsequent federal prosecution (Mr. Goldstein did not represent client in original federal case). In a decision spanning more than 100 pages, the Court found defendant had satisfied his burden of proving his actual innocence of the 1970's state court offense. Client released from prison and spared approximately an additional ten years of incarceration.
  • A ground-breaking legal decision invalidating the government’s seizure of emails without a warrant. United States v. Warshak.

Mr. Goldstein has served as an adjunct professor in the area of trial practice, and his trial expertise has been recognized by presiding Federal judges, co-counsel and even opposing counsel. After Mr. Goldstein’s first federal trial, just five years removed from law school, in a highly-publicized trial lasting several weeks (and eventually featured in magazines, a book and documentaries), the presiding judge on his own recommended Mr. Goldstein for inclusion on a court panel, writing that he "was astonished to learn he had graduated from law school only in 1995," and the judge "would have attributed another fifteen years experience to his resume." From that point forward, Mr. Goldstein has gone on to represent individuals and companies across the country in high-stakes litigation, in a career now spanning 20 plus years. In the process, Mr. Goldstein has developed a skill set that makes a real difference for his clients when it matters most.

There are no guarantees of success—the simple fact is that each case presents its own unique challenges. The one constant we provide is our dedication, knowledge, experience and skill. We firmly believe we provide our clients with the absolute best opportunity for success, and invite you to contact us to learn more.

"Rob guided me through the most difficult time in my life ... His preparation for the case and his execution in trial were truly the difference ... I truly trusted him with my life and he came through. Not a great promoter or guy who likes to hype, but he delivers where it counts. I am truly grateful that I selected his name over the vast number of attorneys in the Boston area. I rarely provide recommendations, but in Rob's case, I recommend that anyone facing serious criminal charges, where their freedom and livelihood is at stake, that they contact Rob." CEO / Entrepeneur charged with wire and securities fraud, April 2019
"Mr. Goldstein, I practice federal criminal defense in Oklahoma City. Last week I had the pleasure of watching you in action...I saw some of your cross examination on Thursday and your closing argument on Friday. You were absolutely phenomenal and I was very impressed with your trial skills. You are one hell of a trial lawyer!" Federal criminal defense attorney (in unsolicited email), February 2015
"I was astonished to learn he had graduated from law school only in 1995. I would have attributed another fifteen years experience to his resume." Federal Judge, October 2001
"Your argument was the only (defense argument) that made me uncomfortable. I kept hoping it would end." Federal Prosecutor to Attorney Goldstein after multi-defendant federal trial
"That was the best closing argument I have ever seen." Co-Counsel to Attorney Goldstein after federal trial