Mortgage Fraud
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                presently represent mortgage professional and attorneys in mortgage fraud investigations, have successfully represented individuals in the past in these prosecutions, and were lead trial counsel in one of the biggest mortgage fraud cases prosecuted in Massachusetts. If you or a family member is the subject of a mortgage fraud investigation or prosecution, we invite you to contact us to learn more about the depth of our experience, skills and knowledge in this area.

The stakes could not be higher. In response to the recent market meltdown, the Department of Justice has created a National Mortgage Fraud team and the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force, which have been tasked with “vigorously” pursuing mortgage and financial fraud, and have been provided increased resources to do so. The FBI has more than doubled the number of agents devoted to investigating mortgage fraud. According to the government’s press releases, “the President has elevated the fight against mortgage fraud, securities fraud and other forms of financial fraud to a cabinet-level priority.” Attorney General Holder made no mistake about the mission of the task force when announcing its formation in November 2009: “We will investigate you, we will prosecute you, and we will incarcerate you. We will be relentless in our investigation of corporate and financial wrongdoing, and will not hesitate to bring charges, where appropriate, for criminal misconduct on the part of businesses and business executives.”

Given this priority level, it is imperative that you obtain legal representation as early as possible if you or a family member is the subject of a mortgage fraud investigation or prosecution, which often involve allegations that one has violated the mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud statutes, false statements statutes (such as executing false or inaccurate HUD-1 documents), as well as money laundering and forfeiture statutes, and range from allegations of so-called “flip” schemes to lending fraud in the housing market.

These matters are often factually and legally complex. A person’s good faith belief in the legality of his conduct can be a defense to these actions, and the origin of this defense lies in a comprehensive investigation of the facts and relevant legal principles. We have the resources, experience and skills to effectively defend mortgage fraud investigations or prosecutions, and invite you to contact us to learn more.


Areas of Practice

Goldstein pounced!

~ Boston Magazine, November 2003 (Describing cross-examination of federal agent)

That was the best closing argument I have ever seen.

~ Co-Counsel to Attorney Goldstein after federal trial

Mr. Goldstein, I practice federal criminal defense in Oklahoma City. Last week I had the pleasure of watching you in action...I saw some of your cross examination on Thursday and your closing argument on Friday. You were absolutely phenomenal and I was very impressed with your trial skills. You are one hell of a trial lawyer!

~ Federal criminal defense attorney (in unsolicited email), February 2015

I was astonished to learn he had graduated from law school only in 1995. I would have attributed another fifteen years experience to his resume.

~ Federal Judge, October 2001

Rob guided me through the most difficult time in my life ... His preparation for the case and his execution in trial were truly the difference ... I truly trusted him with my life and he came through. Not a great promoter or guy who likes to hype, but he delivers where it counts. I am truly grateful that I selected his name over the vast number of attorneys in the Boston area. I rarely provide recommendations, but in Rob's case, I recommend that anyone facing serious criminal charges, where their freedom and livelihood is at stake, that they contact Rob.

~ CEO/Entrepeneur charged with wire and securities fraud, April 2019

This has been an extraordinary case. It's not hyperbole to use that word. It raised absolutely state-of-the-art legal issues and serious factual issues as well. I think it's appropriate to recognize and commend Mr. Goldstein . . . for working so energetically and effectively on your behalf. This is in the best tradition of the legal profession and it's really made a difference. You're going to get out of prison many years earlier than you would have absent his skill and dedication.

~ Federal Judge, August 7, 2008, re-sentencing hearing