Robert M. Goldstein

Mr. Goldstein has been repeatedly selected for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America, the oldest peer-review publication, and as a Super Lawyer for the New England Region, in the areas of criminal defense and white collar criminal defense. Mr. Goldstein, who for years had been recognized as a rising star by the Super Lawyers' publication, has quickly earned a reputation as one of the finest attorneys in the criminal defense field.

Mr. Goldstein has secured the following results on behalf of his clients:

  • The acquittal for prominent businesswoman charged with federal fraud and conspiracy offenses after one week jury trial.
  • Mr. Goldstein was lead counsel in 12 day trial for a business man charged in complex mail and wire fraud prosecution involving investment of §1031 (deferred property exchange) funds in the options market. The Court granted the defense's motion for new trial based on the government's improper closing argument, a decision that was affirmed by First Circuit.
  • Mr. Goldstein filed a §2241 habeas petition on behalf of client who was convicted in the 1990's (while represented by other counsel) of a Federal offense, asserting that the client's assertion of his actual innocence of a 1970's state court offense that served as a sentencing predicate in the federal prosecution could be prosecuted in a §2241 petition, rather than a "second and successive" §2255 petition. In a decision spanning more than 100 pages, the Court found that the client properly invoked §2241 as a jurisdictional vehicle and that the client satisfied his burden of proving his actual innocence of the 1970's state court offense. As a result, given that the client was wrongfully sentenced to thirty years incarceration, the client was released from prison and spared approximately an additional ten years of incarceration.
  • Mr. Goldstein was co-counsel in an 18 day trial for a prominent local business owner charged in a complex tax prosecution. After the government rested its case, the Court granted the defense's pre-verdict motion for judgments of acquittal, resulting in total and absolute exoneration of their client.
  • Mr. Goldstein was co-counsel in a 14 day trial for a business man charged in a complex RICO prosecution involving more than 100 counts. The Court eventually granted judgments of acquittal on all but 12 counts, and the jury returned not guilty verdicts on 6 of the remaining 12 counts. On appeal, the First Circuit reversed the remaining 6 counts of conviction, resulting in a total acquittal for the client on all counts.
  • A ground-breaking legal decision invalidating the government’s seizure of email without a warrant (United States v. Warshak).

Mr. Goldstein's trial expertise has been recognized by presiding Federal judges, co-counsel and even opposing counsel. At the conclusion of a recent hearing, at which Mr. Goldstein's client was re-sentenced after Mr. Goldstein proved his client was sentenced based on a crime he did not commit, the presiding Federal judge made the following observations:

"This has been an extraordinary case. It's not hyperbole to use that word. It raised absolutely state-of-the-art legal issues and serious factual issues as well. I think it's appropriate to recognize and commend Mr. Goldstein . . . for working so energetically and effectively on your behalf. This is in the best tradition of the legal profession and it's really made a difference. You're going to get out of prison many years earlier than you would have absent his skill and dedication."

Opposing counsel too have often remarked on Mr. Goldstein's trial capabilities. After a recent trial, the Federal prosecutor observed that Mr. Goldstein was "the best lawyer in the courtroom," high praise considering the experience and expertise of co-counsel and the prosecutors. Co-counsel in a recent trial made the following observation:

"Two years ago I was one of seven lawyers participating in an 8 week trial for multiple defendants in federal court in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rob Goldstein was one of the other lawyers. His preparation, mastery of the facts and performance in the courtroom were outstanding. I have been in practice for 33 years, with 4 years as an assistant county prosecutor and the rest as a criminal defense attorney. I have had more than 250 jury trials in my career and seen many lawyers try cases. Rob Goldstein is as fine an attorney as I have ever seen."

Mr. Goldstein (Harvard Law School, LL.M.; Suffolk Law, J.D., cum laude), has written extensively in the area of criminal law, including an article on the government's improper use of subpoenas to compel production of citizen's emails, and his cases have been featured in numerous magazines, newspaper articles, and a book.

“You were the best lawyer in the courtroom.”

Federal Prosecutor to Attorney Goldstein, following complex,
multi-defendant criminal trial.